FAB Digital

Various images indicating the FAB spectrum - first principles, purpose, support, fluency leading to digital resilience and hence literacy

Over a number of years, I have worked with colleagues around approaches to Digital Resilience, finding out what works via the FAB (Folded Arms Brigade) projects.

This is a digital problem solving approach, designed to nurture the tenacity and confidence to approach any digital issue, knowing you have the capacity to figure it out – or to know where to go to find help. I am fortunate to have people around me who encourage me to push my digital boundaries, too.

The FAB approach to Digital Resilience is a training framework that shifts the perspectives of teams and organisations where digital resistance is stubbornly embedded.

It’s a future-proofing approach that brings play back into the workplace.

The FAB Model

Coloured pens, representing the First Principles of FABFirst Principles are those concepts which enter our culture so rapidly, they leave people behind. Not very long ago, an icon was something you’d find in a church and a cloud was a fluffy white (or grey!) thing in the sky. Our research discovered that the basic first principles of any platform or application need to be put in place, for digital resilience to grow. We ensure that you learn all the first principles you need, to proceed with confidence.

Purpose has to be established, for there to be any motivation to use new technology. For Colourful combs, representing the Purpose stage of the FAB Modelsome years now, educators have been at the mercy of (at best) enthusiastic technicians and (at worst) unscrupulous technology companies, compelled to usetechnology without being clear of its pedagogic purpose. No wonder the arms get folded! We make space for you to figure out what your purpose is for any new digital challenge.

Conference delegates, representing the Support element of FABSupport has to be what you want, when you want it. We help you figure out what support you need – and the FAB Model gives you the language to ask for it.

Fluency is what happens when you have enough knowledge and confidence in place to make tech work…sometimes. It goes wrong Three women in traditional Indian dress sitting on a step, textingfor all of us from time to time but where we are fluent we are flexible. We adapt, refocus and persist.

That’s digital resilience. Not being expert at everything – maybe not anything! – but having the gumption to power on through. Only when resilience is in place can we begin to be digitally literate.

In a FAB Digital session, we’ll co-create with you a bespoke experience, which will enable your team to quickly grow the confidence to get past their own digital blocks. Our expertise is in freely available social media, so you can be reassured that we won’t try to sell you anything. We’ll combine our expertise in facilitating pro-social, community building spaces, with our digital finesse, to get everyone present exceeding their aspirations in terms of the progress they’ll make – real, practical progress in resilience that will benefit them professionally and personally.

Comments from previous FAB Digital sessions:

“Working with other teachers…expanded my creative ideas in the digital realm.”

“Framing my understanding of not progressing with tech (FAB).”

“Engaging and interactive.”

“It was affirming to be trusted…”

Please get in touch if you want to explore how the FAB approach can work for you.

Fees are negotiable, and reasonable. For larger and/or less confident groups, the assistance of a Digital Nurse is recommended.