Lou Red Sept 2017

I’ve been working nomadically for several years now, guided by an ethics of joy.

I bring people together in community, to think, make decisions and implement plans which change cultures, choosing work based on Nesta UK’s 2018 definition of Good Help:

“…enabling people to feel hopeful, identify their own purpose and confidently take action.” 

I’m a Thinking Environment facilitator, writer, public speaker and coach and my work translates well to online spaces. I’m co-founder of the #JoyFE💛 movement and its influential ‘Ideas Rooms’. I have particular strengths around engagement, digital resilience and the creation of effective, bespoke culture change programmes. I try to be joyfully militant in everything I do.

I’m very interested in wellbeing, particularly mental health and developing personal agency (taking me right back to my first career as a Public Health Specialist). I’m a member of the @MHFECrowd and I’m currently developing new thinking around health, wellbeing and empowerment, particularly for women. I’ve been nominated for an EduFuturist 2020 Award as a Staff Wellbeing Champion, even though I don’t have a ‘staff’.

I’m contracted with the Education and Training Foundation via touchconsulting Ltd to work on a number of professional development programmes which are engine rooms of change and which genuinely amplify educators’ voices.  And I have the privilege of coaching some of the finest thinkers in education and the third sector.

I’m Chair of the Carnegie Big 6 series of education debates and in 2021 I will co-Chair the OER Conference. I regularly write for TES FE and InTuition and I’m working on a couple of books which are infused with affirmative joy. I hope to complete my PhD, which re-imagines and re-theorises Community Education, in 2021.

If you think we could do some work together, please contact me at loumycroft@loumycroft.org



– or my LinkedIn Profile.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. I have experienced first hand Lou’s unwavering passion and devotion towards education, thinking environment, she not only helped me to achieve goals that I didn’t think possible but also give me the confidence to persist and continue on a path.

    Her skills and excellence in this field are effective and life changing. If you ever get the opportunity as I did then grab it with both hands you won’t regret it. She can help you to open new doors.

  2. The ‘Thinking Environment, as taught and used on Northern College teacher training courses, gives me a safe place to speak, uninterrupted, not shouted down or talked over. Because of that, I have developed the ability to properly Listen to others.
    I am improved.

  3. I have been very lucky to have had Lou as my tutor at Northern College. She is an inspiring, brave and intelligent woman who says what she REALLY thinks, not from the hip, but critically, reflectively and with respect for others. Her conviction is infectious and the ideas she shares with others will spread, even if it takes a little time.
    I am very proud to have been part of Northern College and as a result my thinking has improved, there is no doubt . (Also note how I can now use commas thanks Lou! )

  4. I worked with Lou for many years, and know her to be a passionate, talented, and very able adult educator. She inspires devotion from her students, can hold the whole room when she presents her ideas, and uses her undoubted power to change people’s lives for the better. Lou is also a brilliant thinker and writer . . . an impressive woman, to say the least!

  5. What a spine tingling read Lou. You are a truly unique and inspirational women who has touched the hearts and changed the life’s of so many people. Your departure from Northern College is a great loss to present and future students, however, i’m certain that your next journey will benefit the life’s of everyone you meet along the way. You’ll always be remembered as ‘The Dancing Princess’.

  6. Hi Lou, how are you doing. Always knew you would get on lass👋😊 It does not suprise me at all to read the comments and testimonies to your talent and skills. As you are and always have been such an inspiring speaker and caring person.
    Ive lost touch with the people at NC sine I retired in 2015.how are they?
    Just as an aside Jill and I were Mayor Mayoress of Chesterfield 2016/17 and they made me an Alderman when I stood down from public duties last year, which was quite humbling.
    Just about to start my training as a speaker for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, which I’m really looking forward to and as they say retirement is for oldies
    Take care and stay safe.
    Lots of love
    Steve xx

    1. What a lovely lovely message to receive, Steve. It’s so lovely to hear from you 😀❤️ Glad to hear you and Jill are well and staying safe – and that you got to be Mayor! You so deserve that accolade, Alderman Brunt.

      Northern College as we knew it was such a great place for us all to develop in different ways, I left in 2017 but I’ll always be grateful for the time there, especially those early years. We had some laughs, didn’t we? And tried to change the world in our own ways.

      It’s good to not have to work for the man any more though. I like being a nomad, and it means that – in normal times – I can spend time with Fraser (now a young man of 24 living in Edinburgh).

      Remember me to Jill and much love to you my friend, Lou xx ❤️❤️

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