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Once in a lifetime, maybe more than once, we reach a moment where we could choose to live differently…or hope for the best and carry on the same. This is such a moment.

In the UK IndyRef, Brexit and three general elections have taught us that, as a society, we have lost the capacity to listen to one another, to communicate across disagreement, not to reach a consensus but to find common ground. Where are the safe spaces where we can speak from our hearts, but not only to an echo chamber of people who think just like ‘us’.

As Rosi Braidotti says, “We are all in this together, but we are not one and the same.”

Thinking Environment 2020 is a series of opportunities to communicate from the heart in a facilitated space which compels you to take responsibility for listening with an open mind, as well as being heard. This is not a leftist (or any other kind of) filter bubble. It won’t work unless people genuinely engage across difference.

But that’s still not enough.

We need more Thinking Environments. So the sessions will also train you in basic facilitation of this boundaried and robust discipline.

This time we are trialling ‘pay what you think it’s worth’ (and you can afford). Please book with a free ticket, then pay on the day with cash, paypal or bank transfer (no cheques please). I have a minimum reasonable amount I need to earn from the day – as a guideline, the first of these events had a £40 fee. Whoever’s there are the right people, and each session needs a minimum of four delegates to run and a maximum of 16 to run safely.

Expect disciplined work and expect, too, to go away feeling more like you can do something with the thoughts and feelings you have. That always happens 🙂

For more about the Thinking Environment, download the how to/why to guide:

Please message me (WhatsApp, text or Messenger) if you have any questions: 07779135201 (and I’ll add them to the FAQ).

#ThinkingEnvironment2020 Newsletter 1 Feb 2020