Public writing (blogging) has been a transformational practice for me over the past few years. There is something about writing in the presence of others, that inspires me to find the most fitting expression. Experiments with collaborative and synchronous writing have also been inspirational.

I am the Pedagogue columnist with the Society for Education and Training’s ‘InTuition’ journal and I’m a regular columnist/blogger for TES FE. I write book chapters (most notably the Dancing Princesses trilogy), articles and of course my website blogs – here and on the Steel Trap Mind website.

I have books on the go, of course 🙂

And I convene The Bower Writing Rooms, a collaborative space for co-writing, or simply be around others while you’re writing. Watch out for virtual (and maybe real) writing bootcamps in 2020.

Do get in touch if you’d like to write together.