An unfond farewell to 2021

Wow 2021 was tough, wasn’t it? 2020 at least had the occasional frisson of excitement, big moments when it seemed the world might change…2021 for me – and maybe for you, if you’re reading this – was digging deep, finding the fundamentals of what matters and holding tightly onto them, in the face of…so much. So much! I’ve had bigger years, and deeper sorrows, but my word for this year has been ENDURANCE. Recognising what’s in the way and holding on tight, while we figure out which hills are worth dying on – and which are not (yet).

This year I’ve watched in appreciation and awe the endurance of those around me. And through the emotional courage of my son I have learned that nothing is more important than being awkward, brave and kind (in the words of #BreneBrown).

The small rituals of daily visits to Little El, morning broadcasts (all those times I wanted to get back under the duvet), regular #IdeasRooms and not fearing vulnerability each time I post in brave spaces like #JoyFE💛

And the rewards? Deeper connections, strength to channel sorrow and fear into joy, learning to love myself and others deeply in the process of holding on…joy is a practice and yes, so is hope, walking the tightrope between naivety and cynicism, figuring out what I can do and what I can’t.

And at the end of the year I celebrate community and also difference, I celebrate the latter with cartwheeling joy. And I have never believed quite so much in my purpose, or in love.

So as the year turns, I will be celebrating the people who came (back) into my life and those who are determinedly still there. I might still be a bit of a lone wolf, but I am deeply connected.

This New Year’s Eve I will be sending tipsy messages of love, knowing that they are reciprocated a million times. New Year’s Eve is joyful precisely because we feel the losses and sorrows so acutely. Put that joy to work, and I’ll see you on the other side.

Wishing you hope, health, wisdom and joy in 2022 ❤️

📸 @beinvauxhall