Culture Change

Often consultancy, however much it calls itself ‘root and branch’, is in fact more of a drive-by, either implementing plans already made or coming in with (often very engaging) approaches that lack longevity. The public sector, in particular, is used to resisting new approaches, having seen reorganisation after reshuffle after downsize.

Close up of bluebellsI specialise in bespoke culture change programmes, with the Thinking Environment at their heart. Training culture change agents in Thinking Environment techniques is the most effective way I’ve found of leaving behind lasting and rhizomatic change. These processes change the nature of engagement in organisations and continue doing their work once the consultant is gone.

In fact, pretty much all of my work involves pro-social practices, which are designed to deepen thinking and build community.

Predominantly, because I’ve found it so effective, I’m a Thinking Environment coach, facilitator and consultant, blending bespoke programmes of both group and individual applications, for groups and organisations.

With groups and in public meetings, Community Philosophy enables diverse perspectives to be heard; neither approach is fearful of respectful challenge.

Group processes such as Logical Frameworks, Influence Analyses and Three Horizons thinking enable clear strategic planning which takes into account circles of influence and power.

Away Days 

Can an ‘Away Day‘ really change an organisation’s culture? The answer is a qualified Postcards representing the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment‘yes’ – but only if the leadership and workforce take responsibility for continuing the trajectory of the day. A pro-social ‘Away Day’ – carefully plotted, expertly facilitated and closely evaluated – gives you all that you need to change everything.

Fees are negotiable, and reasonable. The offer is always bespoke.