I have been fortunate down the years to work with many extraordinary individuals: as students, colleagues and critical friends. I’m honoured to receive these words of appreciation, left here on the website and elsewhere. Thank you everyone, it’s been a blast.

I have experienced first hand Lou’s unwavering passion and devotion towards education, thinking environment, she not only helped me to achieve goals that I didn’t think possible but also give me the confidence to persist and continue on a path. Her skills and excellence in this field are effective and life changing. If you ever get the opportunity as I did then grab it with both hands you won’t regret it. She can help you to open new doors. Phil

The ‘Thinking Environment, as taught and used on [Lou’s] teacher training courses, gives me a safe place to speak, uninterrupted, not shouted down or talked over. Because of that, I have developed the ability to properly Listen to others.
I am improved. Steven Gabriel Goodfellow

I have been very lucky to have had Lou as my tutor. She is an inspiring, brave and intelligent woman who says what she REALLY thinks, not from the hip, but critically, reflectively and with respect for others. Her conviction is infectious and the ideas she shares with others will spread, even if it takes a little time. I am very proud to have been part of [this experience] and as a result my thinking has improved, there is no doubt . (Also note how I can now use commas thanks Lou!) Kim Coley

I worked with Lou for many years, and know her to be a passionate, talented, and very able adult educator. She inspires devotion from her students, can hold the whole room when she presents her ideas, and uses her undoubted power to change people’s lives for the better. Lou is also a brilliant thinker and writer . . . an impressive woman, to say the least! Chris Davies