2012-12-01 14.36.01I coach in a Thinking Environment and this is a deal-breaker for me. I’m interested in people learning to think for themselves, however they might wish to resist that, initially. I can promise you that your first Thinking Environment coaching session is always the hardest!

Thinking Environment coaching operates at the margin of a spectrum of independence, which has advice-giving cloaked as coaching at the other end. I might have helpful information for you, but my opinion is never going to be worth as much to you as your own.

So if coaching for you is a remedial activity, or one in which you expect your coach to get across a management message, then I’m not for you. But if you want to extend the capacity of yourself or your organisation to do clear, creative thinking and make the best possible decisions, please do get in touch.

Fees are negotiable, and reasonable. Discounts available for bookings of 6 or more sessions.