In 2017 I took a different career direction, in pursuit of a more sustainable life. Three strands came together, to precipitate this change. Firstly, a period of ill-health, following the rich experience of being involved in developing the Department for Education’s ‘Breaking the Rules’ affirmative mental health leadership training. Thirdly, a visit to India in early 2016 took me back to my public health views and re-ignited a dormant passion.

An Indian railway station, representing reigniting my passion for public health whilst I was there

For me, the purpose of a portfolio career, is to maintain a health balance between work and everything else, particularly important when what I love is to work rhizomatically – exciting, vibrant, full of energy and with a tendency to leak into all the spare moments of life. That’s why, in addition to the transformational work I love to do with individuals and organisations, I’m developing a focus on wellbeing as a seperate – though of course connected – area of work.

I’ll be selling the 100% organic Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic products, attracted by the strapline, “Changing the world one blue bottle at a time.” I hope to become a Slimming World consultant, to pay back some of the support I have received there, which has been about much more than losing weight at crucial times of my life. And I will be applying my skills as a Thinking Environment coach to life and wellbeing coaching, so please do get in touch if you’re at a crossroads or stuck where you don’t want to be.

Fees are negotiable, and reasonable.